Saturday, 3 March 2012

Photo a day challenge: Feburary

I'm pretty chuffed I managed to complete this month.
A big thank you to the gorgeous Chantelle for putting together another great challenge.

So March has started already, are you in?

I haven't quiet decided yet. I want to stop but I can't, it's like an addiction.

Happy weekend! 


  1. I'm in again and loving it.
    I think they look great altogether too

  2. Great pics, cant believe its March already!!

  3. Wow well done for doing the whole month.. I found it really hard work in the end. I think if I had an iphone and instagram maybe this would be much easier.. there, convincing myself to get a new phone! xx

  4. It's been a busy month!! Nice work. Hey - what program do you edit your photos on? I've been using picnik and need to find a new one now :(

  5. So many fabulous pics! I am joining in for the first time this month - so you have to stay on!!

  6. Lovely pictures. I'm in again but keep posting a day late at the moment!

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! Always love checking out a fellow Melburnian's pics :)


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