Tuesday, 11 March 2014

stills / week ten

/ Celebrating Uncle Berts birthday.
/ Lunch box surprise of the watermelon love heart variety, just because.
/ Naughts and crosses, beers and best ever burgers.
/ Grubby little toes.
/ No princesses aloud.
/ Always with the lego.

We had such a happy week, busy, but happy. The long weekend, was slow and mostly uneventful, but oh such a joy. I'm still figuring out my work, home, school life balance, I'm not sure I'll ever get it right but I'm going to give it a good shot this week, make some priorities, set some boundaries.


Joining Em for weekly stills.


  1. I'm yet to find that perfect work/home/school balance...I aim for a week of smooth sailing - you know those weeks where everything just seems to go nicely!? Great photos. My favourite is 'no princesses allowed' :) May you sail smoothly through your week xx


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