Thursday, 27 March 2014

stills / week twelve

/ Barbie mania.
/ A trip to the zoo for Sunny's birthday.
/ Super cheap bead set, keeping them entertained for hours.
/ Always tea first thing in the morning.
/ Our house has been overflowing with birthday preparations and celebrations this week.

Errr, this week is almost over but I'm still squeezing in a stills collection.

Hope your week has been awesome!


Joining the lovely Em. 


  1. It's lovely to see that your Barbie's are all dressed! A few of ours are lacking their wardrobe attire for some reason :) Loving the pom pom garland. I'm making a wall hanging for my girls room. Gotta love colourful balls of yarn!

  2. What sweet party photos. There is a magic to the black and white shot really, really sweet. Glad the weather held out for your birthday celebrations Melbourne isn't known for that kindness haha. We got in some great gardening in to over the weekend and a bush walk before it got to cold. By the way loving the pom pom garland I'm still trying to find the perfect pom pom maker but the wool is ready. have a great week. x

  3. So many barbies!! My favourite toy as a kid.


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