Wednesday, 12 March 2014

turning four / birthday inspiration

Little L's birthday is fast approaching (which means mine is too!) and I've left party/gift organizing to the very last minute, like I do every year. I love birthdays and party planning, but I get paralyzed by indecision and my once grand plans fizzle out. I need to narrow down my ideas, stop pinning and start doing!

Here's whats inspiring me -
/ Garden Party by Inaluxe
/ Rose Buttercream Cake
The Greater Good
Party animals
Pretzel quilt
Omm melamine hedgehog
Sparkle party crowns
Red riding hood
Musical jewellery boxes
Mint honeycomb fancy
Floral partyware
Colour block mittens


  1. Gorgeous ideas! I adore those little gold pipe cleaner crowns x

  2. Thanks Anna, aren't they the sweetest!? x

  3. fab collection and sometimes planning it all last minute forces you to do it simply but effectively.. the best way to do a party :)

  4. That red ridinghood cape is to die for!!!!!

  5. That little red riding hood costume! We are in the midst of party planning fever too!
    I want to buy my girls ALL the things. Mostly just for me.

  6. Go the crowns with the pompoms, very birthday!!

  7. I love the party animals - and that red riding costume
    How did it all go?


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